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How to increase concentration and studying better.

How to increase concentration and studying better. Tips and Tricks


Simple way to overcome concentration problem and studying better.
There are thousands of article which are published both online and offline about concentration. That is right from kid’s concentration to meditation, hypnotism etc. I think that whole formal information is superficial, and not result oriented. What is concentration?Dictionary meaning is ”exclusive attention.”
Now my question is what is ‘exclusive’? (Special, selective, fashionable) There is nothing called as exclusive attention.
For me attention is concentration. There is nothing like 100% concentration or 60%concentration or 20% concentration. Concentration is a state of mind, towards particular event/concept, like a sleep, either you are in sleep, or you are not. Have you experienced something like semi sleep, quasi sleep? Don’t mistake with sleeping span. That may even be 10 minutes, or 2 minutes, or few seconds. Either you sleep or no sleep,. Actually it is either concentration or else distraction.

I heard thousands of complaints from parents of my students that “ my child is lagging concentration” , “he/she don’t have concentration, “ but my answer is absolutely ‘NO’, there is no question of less concentration, lagging concentration or don’t have concentration, unless our child is mentally abnormal. There is nothing called as ‘concentration problem.’
I think 98% of the people don’t have concentration problem. But unfortunately our teachers, psychologists, so called councilors misused the word concentration.
Once I was challenged by one of our student’s parents about same point. I showed them practically in their presence that their child is absolutely all right with his concentration.
Have you observed two to four years kid while she plays?
Observe it in silence, with her own voice with her own music she is playing, look at her eyes, its all on the toys, 5min, 10 min, 25 minutes, she will be in her trans, no external disturbances can disturb her. Just disturb her by making peculiar sound from some where else, if she is not feared, then she will take off her eyes from the toys fora fraction of second again she will into it. She is completely into it, that is ‘attention’ nothing but concentration. The peculiarity is, same child when she grows up, their parents start to blame with others about their child “concentration.”
I have observed thousands of students in my teaching and coaching career, a guy who find it difficult keep his attention in chemistry class can play computer games continuously two hours without any break, a student who is struggling in math class may watch basketball match continuously one hour including commercial breaks on a T.V. what it means? Do you call it as lack of concentration? NO, it is not, here concentration differs with subject. Why?
Because it is the interest towards particular event or subject, if the subject is interesting then one will concentrate. You can’t create concentration. Concentration is directly related to interest on particular subject. I use to avoid going toilet when I am at interesting job. I have observed few persons who are changing 85 channels in ten minutes using TV remote and are watching nothing, is this is not a lack of concentration? It is inability to keep their attention over a longer period of time on a given subject that is purely because of the subject which is not interesting.
Now the question is, why students of same class in the same subject taught by same teacher are not able to show same level of concentration? ‘Simple, it is due to uniqueness of each individual. Each individual has different degree of appetite towards different events of this nature. It is quite natural. That is why I am of the opinion that there is nothing called as “concentration problem.” How come can something which is natural become a problem?
But the need of today is reality of this world. Naturally there is a struggle for existence and excellence. We need to do well in academics even then subjects are not interesting, should survive even though work is not enjoyable at working bench. So here comes the ‘need of concentration’ The need of the day is maintaining our attention on a subject over a longer period of time so that one can enhance the outcome. That is “increasing concentration span” Is it possible to increase? Very simple, we can use NLP. and simple techniques to develop super concentration power.
Technique 1; interest = enjoyment = super concentration
A trick to improve concentration is being interested in the work, you want to do. If you are interested then you will enjoy, you are interested and enjoying then it is nothing but you are concentrating. Now the biggest challenge is how to being interested in something which really not interesting?
Simple, you know, we are different from our brain. Our brain works on the basis of stimulus and ‘self image.’ We have our own opinion about our self, like I am good at math, I am interested in biology, I like scotch, I don’t like this , that etc. This ‘self image’ in the subconscious mind which controls the brain. Now the only thing we need to do is creating ‘self image’ in the subconscious mind that “I am interested at-------------“
How to create’ self image’ like I am interested in math?
We must practice ‘Auto suggestion’
Suggesting our self that ‘I am interested in math’ Every day morning, afternoon and in the evening we must tell our self in silence that “ I am interested in math, I am enjoying math” , “ I am interested in math” I am enjoying math” “ I am interested in math” ………..repeat this 25 to30 times in each session. Continue this exercise continuously 25 to 30 days without break. No doubt you will be interested in whatever you want be. Once you start believe that you are really enjoying math then make sure that you are enjoying math consciously and sincerely. All this can take practice and a little amount of self-discipline.

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